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Digital communication

Optimising your digital strategy

The digital communication strategy is becoming more and more popular among business owners. To optimise your strategy, it is essential to rely on different digital media. But the main pillars are the SEO and SEA strategies. Also, SMO is a must for your optimization. It consists of a campaign on social networks. These three dimensions bring interactivity between your targets and your digital project.

Choice of keywords

Writing web content

The content strategy is an ally for your tailor-made website, like coach-developpement-personnel.fr. And the experts decipher the right keywords to guarantee the site’s positioning on search engines.

Graphics and logo

Rely on visual communication to attract more customers. A good visual identity guarantees the good image of your company. Indeed, it highlights your products and services offered.

Web ergonomics

Facilitate the interaction between customers and your e-shop by focusing on web ergonomics. Indeed, it allows you to offer customers an easy, efficient and pleasant use of your merchant site.

Technical know-how

Good command of the latest technologies

Creation of a showcase site

Optimise your company’s image by creating a showcase site. The presence on the web is essential nowadays.

Redesign E-commerce

The redesign of an e-commerce relies on a good SEO and also on an excellent web development.

Mobile applications

Ensure the success of your digital strategy by relying on the most effective mobile applications of the moment.

Blog corporate blog

Communicate directly with your target customers by creating a corporate blog to facilitate communication.

Audit and web consulting

The strategic choices best suited to your needs

Looking for the ideal solution for your company’s digital strategy? Call on a communication agency or a digital agency to take advantage of tailor-made support. An SEO audit, a website creation or natural referencing? Guarantee the success of your business thanks to high-level techniques. However, it is essential to make strategic choices that meet the needs and problems of your company.

Tailor-made strategy

Digital marketing campaigns

Traffic acquisition through social ads

Optimise your company’s website visibility with the performance of social ads.

Optimise local referencing

Excellent local referencing to guarantee the positioning of your website.

Social network management

A good management of social networks is essential for your digital strategy.

CMS and languages

Simple, flexible, scalable and high-performance website

Open Source CMS, the most used WordPress

WordPress is the most coveted open source CMS solution of the moment.

Prestashop open source e-commerce CMS

Guarantee the development of the e-shop with the CMS Prestashop, an important lever.

Content Management Systems

The CMS is currently the most famous content strategy on the Internet. This system consists of software that allows you to create, manage and update your site. WordPress or Prestashop? Choose the most appropriate solution for your company.